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Find Out Why Live Chat Is So Popular Today

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in customer service software | 0 comments

Live chat allows your company to engage your website visitors in new and fun ways.

By turning your website into a live environment where you can build real relationships with your customers, your company will benefit in many different ways.

Provide Live Online Customer Support

Add live chat to your website as a new line of communication between you and customers.  It will help increase the response time and make your team more efficient.

Increases Sales

Why wait for visitors to request support when members can proactively help them as they do their shopping?  With a click of a mouse, agents can automatically open a chat window on a customer’s computer and help them with a sale.

Reduces Customer Support Costs

Providing online customer support via live chat as an alternative to traditional phone, social media and emails will reduce customer support costs.  Not to mention, customers love being able to reach an agent on a live chat.

Help Answer Sales Questions

If a potential visitor has a question, chances are if they don’t have it answered on the spot, they will leave and never come back to buy your product.  Live chat gives you a chance to answer each of your customer’s questions so you can make a sale.

Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

Give your potential customers immediate access to someone at critical points of their shopping journey.

Improve Customer Loyalty

The typical response time to customer inquiries via email is over 12 hours, and many go completely unanswered. Web based chat gives you the opportunity to answer your customer questions right away.  This lets customers know that you care about them.

Convert More Visitors Into New Customers

With live chat you can convert your website from a place people are browsing around to a place where you are creating strong relationships with each and every visitor, and converting those relationships into money.  Rather than having a potential customer simply read your marketing materials, you can let them interact with your agents via live chat.

Live chat is becoming very popular today; after all, who wants to wait 20 minutes on the phone for a customer support agent?

Big companies like Verizon, American Airlines and Comcast have already been offering live chat as part of their support system for many years now.  Live chat is the preferred form of communication by visitors on websites.  Instant message is a better way for companies to communicate with new or existing customers.

If you have a website and need live chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can show you the many different types of live chat software we have available for you and your business.