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Key Benefits Live Chat Has For Customer Support

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Businesses are engaging with more and more customers via online channels every day.  Now, more than ever, businesses need to fully support the online customer experience and provide customers with top notch online support.  In addition to conventional phone calls and emails, now there’s video, social media and live chat support. But should your business use live chat for support? Here are the top benefits of live chat.

  1. Customer Enjoy Chatting

Live chat is one the best ways to get instant communication with a company.  It has become not only the number one method of online support but also yields the highest satisfaction for customers.

The higher level of satisfaction with online chat is due to the efficiency and immediacy of the experience live chat provides customers.  When customers engage with a live chat agent, the overall experience is faster and simple.  Customers welcome the ability to easily enter order numbers and confirmation codes into a chat box for quicker service.

Customer can continue doing their browsing and easily view online content while chatting with the agent.  And they can easily carry that support all the way until they are done checking out. Overall, live chat brings very little interruptions to the customer’s online shopping journey.

With live chat, agents have access to customers browsing history and much more insightful information.  This means chat agents can help the customers with the context of customer history and their recent activity.  With access to better tools, agents can provide better, more relevant support to their customers which, in the end, is a win-win for everyone.

  1. It Increases Sales

Not only do customers love using live chat, but business owners love it too.

A recent study by Andersen Consulting showed that 62% of internet consumers said they would purchase more products if websites had the live chat button available.

With those types of numbers in online sales, live chat will pay for itself many times over.  Then, add to it reduced shopping cart abandonment by up to 40% and boost in average order size and you have every reason to start using live chat right now.

With the wide variety of choices that customers have online, a customer at the state where an item is in their cart is a huge deal! If a customer gets to that point and needs help, the likelihood of them making a phone call or sending an email are little to none.  But it is highly likely that they would use live chat if it was available on the website.  Plus, after having a positive experience with their online shopping, customers are more likely to return and do business with that company in the future.

Final Note

There are many ways for customers to support agents, marketing departments, and sales teams to use live chat to make customers happy, boost online sales and conversions, and reduce service costs. With all these great benefits, why isn’t your business using live chat today?