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The Top Practices for Live Chat Management

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

How many times have you picked up items as you wandered around a store, only to leave them when you saw the huge queue at the checkout counter? Or gone into a store in need of customer support, but gave up because no one came to help you?

We don’t want to wait in line to spend our money or reach out to business. This aversion to waiting for customer support is perhaps the number one reasons to start using live chat.

But if you’re going to offer live chat, you can’t give your customer an awful experience and make them wait a long time. You need to offer them the best experience ever and here’s how you do that.

  1. Learn to Categorize

A live chat queue management starts with knowing how to categorize. So, categorize your company’s common customer queries and needs, and create a different queue for each category. Each categorized query can be routed to the agent in charge. This will reduce the number of chat transfers and enables quick and efficient chat handling.

  1. Prioritize Important Customers

Prioritizing is just as important as categorizing. You should be able to prioritize important customers or more urgent support enquiries rather than leaving them to sit in a queue. For example, a high-value customer could be identified through CRM integration, cart items or website history. Similarly, queries requiring immediate attention could be identified using smart-keyword recognition software.

  1. Create a Balance

Live chat queue management involves finding the right balance between supply and demand, and between support and making sales. Don’t be afraid to move your agents around. The occasional re-shuffle can help your company provide the best live chat support and help more customers.

  1. Look for Common Trend

Your queues are most likely to be packed during peak hours and periods. So, look for common times that more chats are requested and increase the number of agents to provide better support. More available agents at peak times means shorter queues for your company.

  1. Come Up With Goals

Always set guidelines for target wait times, including a certain limit. This will help ensure that your service standards are met every time. With queue guidelines, your live chat agents know when they’re providing the best service for the clients. For example, they can manage conversation knowing whether they have extra time with a customer to do upselling or relationship-building, or whether they may need to wrap things up.

  1. Use Pre-Chat Surveys

Pre-chat surveys are very helpful for live chat management. A pre-chat survey helps you ensure that each waiting customers gets connected to the right agent without waiting too much. Plus, pre-chat surveys help determine queue priority and category. This means that your agents can offer personalized services as soon as they connect with your customers – which is a very pleasant experience for the customer following a queue.

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