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Ways A New Website Benefits From Live Chat

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in customer service software | 0 comments

There are many challenges that new as well as established entrepreneurs have to face when creating a new website to try to gain more profits.  Among the variety of different tools designed to help the entrepreneur to meet those challenges, live chat support is one of the most popular tools to get more customers and make more profits.

How exactly is live chat able to help you grow your business? Below you’ll discover the top benefits of installing live chat software to your website.  The benefits will be instantly we promise you.

How fast you see the results will depend on creating a greater level of awareness of the availability of the new customer service channel among your new and old clients and encouraging them to start using the live chat button.  Many websites, unfortunately, make the mistake of hiding the live chat feature in one of the internal pages of their sites, which makes it hard for the customer to find and diminishes the perks of this great tool all together.

  1. It Increases Traffic To Your Website

Not all business owners who install live chat software to their website are aware that besides placing the chat button on their site they can also include a link to the chat in their email signature, share it via social media, distribute it on many forums and any other online platform where they maintain a business presence.

Giving customers a convenient contact option along with engaging information can increase interest in the website and become a great source of new traffic.

  1. Convert More Leads

One of the main reasons customer leave their shopping carts are often related to complications and confusions while shopping.  Confused customers may need a little extra hand as they are about to checkout.  Live chat support gives you the ability to help your customers when they need it the most in real-time – right as they are about to checkout, which leads to increased conversion and sales.

  1. It Creates Loyalty

Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate out of all the communication channels.  Satisfied customers who had a positive experience with a company are more likely to overlook smaller issues that may arise and stay loyal to the company for many years.

For many businesses who are just starting out and trying to establish a solid reputation with new clients, providing live chat support assistance and showing that you are available to answer any of their questions 24/7 shows your customers that their needs matter to you which will help to create trust.  This will win over prospective clients and get their loyalty over time.

Have you considered adding live chat software to your website yet?  If not, why not? It’s the best communication channel today, and as you can see, it can help your company make more money and get more clients. If you need live chat, please contact us today and let us help you find the perfect live chat software.