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What Is Live Chat Software & How Can It Help A Website

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in customer service software | 0 comments

Quality customer service is key to the long-term success of a company. Customers don’t just equate to sales.  They are also one of your best bets in helping you spread the word about your products and services. When it comes to your website, providing great support means you’ll have good relationships with your customers, which will help you grow your customer database.  One of the challenges customers face in online shopping is being disconnected from personnel who can answer any question they have during the shopping process.  Businesses can mitigate this matter by providing an engaging experience to their customers by installing live chat software.

What is live chat software? It is a service that allows immediate customer service support to visitors on your website.  Substantially, live chat software works as an instant messenger where your customers can chat with one of your agents in real time.  White call centers are made available for after-sales services and support sales, many customers don’t have the patience and time to wait around for queues, especially when they are doing their online shopping.  On the contrary, a live chat support has the ability to quickly and conveniently answer your customer inquiries that can bump up your website sales.

In this helpful blog, we’ll discuss the substantial aspects and definition of live chat software to help you get a better grasp and understanding about it when deciding if it’s right for your company.

How Can Live Chat Help Your Business

In today’s fast paced world, customers look for convenience and quick results.  Hence, adapting to this dynamic environment and providing fast solutions sets you apart from your competition.  Most research in the industry shows that customers appreciate the timely and accessible support. Live chat receives 70% customer satisfaction because is fast.

Because live chat is so fast and customers love it so much, there is an increase in companies and online websites that integrate live chat on their sites to offer quick responses.  In the process, this will improve sales and customer loyalty.  Aside from shopping websites, other industries are also using live chat, such as travel & hospitality, medical and airlines.

Having a real person who customers can talk to while making a purchase, especially when they are confused or hesitant, gains your website visitor’s trust and loyalty for a successful sale.  In fact, customers are more likely to return and purchase again because of this great feature.  Also many customers revealed they made a purchase due to the chat session itself.  An agent can provide an immediate response to a customer’s question and understand his/her needs to walk them through the process and make recommendations.  This decreases cart abandonment by up to 30%. By increasing conversions at least 20%, purchasing customer chat software for your company shows to be a great investment that will have a huge ROI by up to 300%. That’s a lot!

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