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What Makes a Great Chat Session

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When you chat with a customer in a shop, it’s usually easy to adapt your services to their needs. For online customer service agents, this adaptability is a little bit different. After all, your conversation are happening through a keyboard, and you don’t have facial cues, body language or tone of voice to help you out.

But with more and more customer service happening via online, a successful chat session could mean the difference between making a sale and generating a lead; a return customer and a lost one. It’s very important, then, to offer top notch live chat services to your customers.

But what makes a great chat session? Here’s out step-by-step breakdown of what makes a successful chat session with a customer.

The Greeting

Online, the hand that waves at your customers is that approachable chat button that is on your website. When a visitor clicks to chat with you, it’s the equivalent of a customer approaching you in your store. You need to welcome them with a warmth and readiness you would do if they were in your real store.

So, in a good chat session, the agent needs to be quick to accept the chat and doesn’t keep the visitor waiting long. Visitors wouldn’t be ignored in a real store so the same rule applies online.

Breaking the Ice With Them

The smile in a successful chat session is being as personal as one can be. So, don’t rush straight into business. Be friendly with your customer. A massive part of what makes a good chat session great is the relationship stablished between the agent and the customer.

The Agent having a successful chat session will ask how they can help after saying hello. Let them get comfortable in the chat. If the chat starts with the customer detailing a complaint, the support team member must apologize first and look to fix the issue.

The Human Part

Attentive service is the number one priority of live chat. With the growth of AL, automation chatbots, it might seem tempting to let the droids handle all your customer complaints. But failures like Fabio Pepper Robot have demonstrated time and time again that the human touch is needed.

So, in a great chat session, your agents ensure that they’re proving the human touch. The human touch comes through by showing empathy. If the customer is angry, the agent is able to react accordingly, even without voice tones or facial expressions. This empathetic voice can be achieved with an apology, and the avoidance of using too many canned responses, which can leave the agent sounding like they don’t care.

Finding a Solution to the Problem

The brain of a great chat session is being able to demonstrate active, efficient service. The customer can’t see what you’re doing, but they want to know that you take them seriously. In a great chat session, the customer service team member avoids saying no as much as possible. Instead, they will actively look for a solution to the problem.  The customer needs to end the chat happy with their problem resolved.

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