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Wonderful Benefits Of Installing Live Chat Software

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in customer service software | 0 comments

At first glance, live chat seems like a neat and swift tool that helps you with routine customer support tasks.  However, many business still haven’t unlocked the potential of live chats, for example, their proactive approach.

In general, customer support tools are differentiated into reactive and proactive types.  For example, email and phone calls are reactive – you only start engaging with customers after they have reached out to you.  Live chat is proactive, since you’re able to view a user’s activity on a website and engage with them right away.

With live chat software, you have the upper hand and can offer help to your customers if you feel it’s necessary.  In addition, there are many other great benefits of adding live chat to your website.

  1. Live Chat Is Affordable

There is a lot of affordable live chat software out there, and not only is live chat affordable but…

  1. Live Chat Has A Great ROI

If you have a website with good traffic then live chat software is probably the only tool that will give you a good ROI measured in minutes rather than weeks or months.

  1. Live Chat Is Great For Lead Generation

If you set your live chat to capture emails or other basic information, then you will steadily build up a great set of leads to follow up with.

  1. Live Chat Is Easy To Set Up

Most live chat software just involves a small piece of code that needs to be added to your site, and boom, you’re ready to go.

  1. Live Chat Is A Great Training Tool

Training new staff members just got easier thanks to live chat.  With canned responses and the ability to supervise and monitor chat sessions, you can onboard new members quickly, easily and with minimum risk.

  1. Live Chat Makes You Consistent

With live chat, you can used canned responses to solve most problems which means you’ll never have to fluff your lines ever again.  You can be sure that your team is providing your customers fast, consistent replies to the most common questions.

  1. Live Chat Makes You Look Big

To some extent, the web is smoke and mirrors.  With live chat, you can start departments like sales, billing or support to pre-filter customers enquiries so that you look bigger than you actually are.

  1. Live Chat Links To Your Helpdesk

Maybe you can’t answer a customer’s question right way. No problem, just push the chat through your helpdesk and create a ticket so you can answer their question when you have free time.

  1. Live Chat Finds Common Problems

With live chat, you can review transcripts of recent chat sessions to discover common issues.  This enables you to either improve your products or service or create better support materials or improve your site if customers are having the same issue.

  1. Live Chat Is Fast

No need to ask people to say their name again, usernames or URLs.  With live chat, it’s all there right in front of your eyes.

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